Walter White lives happily ever after: Our 5 predictions for shows everyone else has already watched

We got a little behind on our TV watching. Here’s what we hope happens in the shows everyone else has seen.

Breaking Bad
Photo courtesy of Helga Esteb/shutterstock.com

By Carten Cordell

TV has entered a new Golden Age, and with the wealth of quality shows and great characters, it may be tough to watch them all.

Some of us at Northern Virginia Magazine are just getting around to watching the most popular, binge-worthy shows of late and wanted to share our aspirations for the characters moving forward. All we ask is please, don’t spoil it for us.


Breaking Bad

“It would be nice if Walt could find a meth distributor he could work with long-term. #Tuco4Life”— Carten Cordell, Online Editor


Dawson’s Creek

“I really want Joey and Pacey to get back together.” — Stefanie Gans, Dining Editor



“Is that guy still a terrorist or is he a good guy now?”— Angela Bobo, Fashion & Beauty Writer


Game of Thrones

“Don’t worry guys, I think Jon Snow is going to make it through this.”— Carten Cordell, Online Editor (Hasn’t read the books)


Orange is the New Black

“I get a weird vibe from the one with the eyes.” — Christina Marino, Marketing Specialist


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