Prince William County will house a $14 million animal shelter; At least 217 dead following earthquake in Mexico

Northern Virginia’s daily dose of local and national news for Wednesday, Sept. 20.

The Board of Prince William County Supervisors voted in favor of building a new, $14 million animal shelter to replace its current 42-year-old Bristow facility. The county aiming to have the new facility open sometime in 2020.

A 7.1 magnitude earthquake struck Mexico yesterday, killing at least 217 people. Yesterday was also the 32nd anniversary of an earthquake that killed thousands in the region in 1985.

Early this morning, Category 4 Hurricane Maria made landfall in Puerto Rico with winds of 155 mph. Maria is among the strongest hurricanes to have ever hit the island and is expected to rage on for the next 12-24 hours.

The Stafford County Board of Supervisors issued a press release stating that any signs (like those advertising small businesses or open houses) placed in the public right-of-way will result in a $100 fine. The board believes that such signs “distract drivers, disrupt sight distances and clutter gateways to the county that Stafford has worked to beautify.”
(Potomac Local)

D.C. Councilmember Mary Cheh has sent a letter to Jeff Marootian, District Department of Transportation‘s interim director, asking him to conduct a review of all D.C. roads and intersections with speeding cameras. Cheh is particularly interested in those areas that have generated over $1 million in revenue, curious whether or not drivers on those roads are aware of the cameras and if the set speed limits are appropriate.
(Washington Business Journal)

After an 18-year-old Mountain View High School student went missing on Monday, the Stafford County Sheriff’s Office used a drone to find him. The Sheriff’s Office launched a drone with a thermal imaging camera at 9 p.m. and found the student approximately 30 minutes later.
(Fredericksburg Today)

On Sept. 8, an Ashburn mother driving along Evergreen Mills Road in Leesburg was killed in a collision with a converted food truck. One month before this incident, a single-vehicle accident killed three people near Hogeland Mill Road, right off of Evergreen Mills Road. These tragedies have prompted the Virginia Department of Transportation to install a “Stop Ahead” sign on Watson Road as it approaches Evergreen Mills Road, paint optical speed bar markings on Evergreen Mills Road and increase the removal of view restricting brush and tree limbs.
(Loudoun Times-Mirror)