Shaun Alexander to help manage Purcellville’s Fireman’s Field; Elementary school lock down prevented more California shooting victims

Northern Virignia’s daily dose of local and national news for Thursday, Nov. 16.

The Seattle Seahawks and Washington Redskins’ former running back, Shaun Alexander, has agreed to help manage the Fireman’s Field complex through a recent public-private partnership with Play to Win LLC and the Town of Purcellville, where Alexander and his wife Valerie are raising their eight children.
(Loudoun Times-Mirror)

When a Northern California gunman started making his way to the Rancho Tehama Elementary School after killing his wife hours earlier, the school’s secretary decided to put the school into lockdown, ushering children, staff and some parents (who were just arriving as school had not yet started) from the quad area into classrooms and under desks. The gunman tried to open locked doors and randomly shot windows and walls. A bullet wounded one child (who was taken to the hospital afterward) and broken glass harmed others. The shooter, Kevin J. Neal, eventually gave up, going on to shoot those who crossed his path on the Rancho Tehama Reserve. Five people were killed and many injured.
(The Washington Post)

Democrats have filed a federal lawsuit hoping to have the 55 ballots which arrived to Stafford County Registrar Greg Riddlemoser on Nov. 8 at 10 a.m., 15 hours after they should have arrived, counted toward the most recent election’s totals. The U.S. Postal Service is investigating this issue.
(The Washington Post)

Tuesday and Wednesday morning in Loudoun County, at least eight car windows were damaged, with marbles reportedly found on the scene. Money and other personal belongings were stolen from some of the affected vehicles.

Reston Association board member Mike Sanio has proposed that $551,780 of the Reston Association’s funds support eight tennis projects, shifting the $514, 780 set to make baseball, softball and soccer field improvements and making use of the $37,080 deffered dollars from last year.
(Reston Now)

A final design public hearing will take place at Piney Branch Elementary School at 7 p.m. today, allowing attendees to weigh in on the interchange that will potentially replace four Route 28 and Interstate 66 stoplights.
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