Project Veritas sting group tells false story to The Washington Post; VA House of Delegates certifies controversial 28th and 88th districts

Northern Virginia’s daily dose of local and national news for Tuesday, Nov. 28.

A woman working with Project Veritas, an undercover sting group that seeks to embarrass mainstream media organizations, told The Washington Post that she was romantically involved with Republican U.S. Senate candidate Roy Moore in 1992, a romance that resulted in an abortion when the woman was only 15. The woman was hoping that The Post would share their opinion about the alleged relationship, opinions which would have been secretly video recorded. The Post did not go forward with the story.
(The Washington Post)

Although 147 voters in Stafford and Fredericksburg were assigned to vote for the wrong race, the 28th and 88th district results were certified by the Virginia House of Delegates Monday.

On Monday, the Government Accountability Office released a 32-page report revealing that the Department of Veterans Affairs did not review complaints made against health professionals in a timely manner.

Saturday, Dec. 2 from 1-5:30 p.m., the Greater Reston Arts Center will host the “Monster Drawing Rally.” The space will welcome an assortment of artists who create and sell their works on-site.
(Reston Now)

Rather than saying “Happy Holidays” or “Seasons Greetings,” President Trump’s family card reads “Merry Christmas and Happy New Year,” one of many ways that Trump is taking a stance against the “War on Christmas.” The official White House hashtag is #WHChristmas and decor is reminiscent of 1961’s “Nutcracker” Christmas theme.
(The Washington Post)

In Arlington last weekend, scammers called a woman claiming to have kidnapped her daughter and demanding ransom money. The police were able to locate the woman’s daughter and put the kidnapping claims to rest. The Arlington County Police Department shares tips for how to identify such situations.
(ARL Now)

On Thanksgiving in Richmond, a woman discovered a bobcat stuck in the grill of her vehicle after she had driven more than 50 miles without noticing that the creature was lodged within. The Wildlife Center of Virginia sedated and freed the animal from the car and is currently treating it for a large cut on its back. The bobcat should be able to be released in one month.