Saturday flooding at Jiffy Lube Live damages 20-30 vehicles; Nonnative tick species pops up around the region

Northern Virginia’s daily dose of local and national news for Monday, June 11.

During a Dave Matthews Band concert at Jiffy Lube Live, 20-30 cars were damaged due to flooding caused by a clogged drainage pipe.
(Prince William Times)

A tick foreign to the United States—known as either the longhorned, East Asian or bush tick—has been spotted in Virginia, West Virginia and New Jersey. According to the Maryland Department of Agriculture, the tick can carry Q-fever and anaplasmosis, both of which effect pets and humans.

At Sunday’s Tony Awards, Robert De Niro reportedly made a profane anti-Trump remark that resulted in a standing ovation from the crowd.
(The Washington Post)

Friday, the Washington Capitals had a private celebration at Clarendon’s Don Tito.
(ARL Now)

Looking for even more Caps memorabilia? There are already 14 different bobbleheads you can buy and two more are on the way.

White tubing strung together by South Lakes High School students to represent “the connections we have with those around us” will be hung over Lake Thoreau this month.
(Reston Now)

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