4 organizations that make biking to work a little easier

With the Metro summer shutdown in full swing, locals are taking their commute above the streets instead of beneath them.

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Prior to the start of the Metro’s three-month long shutdown, the city of Alexandria and the Washington Metropolitan Transit Authority (WMATA) created a plan to make it easier for Northern Virginia commuters to get to and from the District. The plan includes changes for shuttle busses, water taxi service from Alexandria, Virginia Railway Express prices and HOV and bus lanes.

In addition to altering the technology and systems in place that get individuals to work, the plan also encourages people to try biking to their desired destinations. While this helps to decongest the roads, it also gives commuters the chance to squeeze in a workout and even reduce their carbon footprint, too. Here, we share a variety of resources from local groups and businesses that are promoting cycling into the city throughout the summer.

Washington Area Byciclist Association classes
The mission of the Washington Area Byciclst Association (WABA) is to create a healthy, more livable region by promoting, advocating and educating about bicycling in all forms. This summer, the nonprofit is doing just that by working with the city of Alexandria to create more classes for citizens of Northern Virginia and beyond. Classes offered include a basic skills clinic and a confident city cycling clinic, which helps prepare individuals for riding on the busy streets of D.C. // Locations vary; free

Alexandria Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee mentors
Want to try out the bike but not exactly sure how to get there safely? No worries! As of last January in preparation of the shutdown, the Alexandria Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee launched a mentor program that is sure to help. Each new rider will be paired with an individual who has been biking in the Northern Virginia region for years. The two will work together to reach the mentee’s biking goals, whether that be learning how to commute into the city or simply figuring out the nearest trail. // Alexandria Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee: 3526 King St., Alexandria; free

Capital Bikeshare discounts
Throughout the duration of Metro’s Summer Platform Improvement Project, Capital Bikeshare will be offering half-price monthly memberships, allowing individuals to take unlimited 30-minute rides for just $14 a month. Only want to try it out once before signing up? No problem. The company also provides a flat rate of $2 for each single trip under 30 minutes. The shiny red bikes can be found in South Arlington, Alexandria and these stations: Crystal City, Pentagon City, Braddock Road and King Street Station. // Locations and prices vary

Alexandria’s dockless mobility pilot program
Just in time for the shutdown, the city of Alexandria has launched a pilot program that allows private companies to operate shared mobility devices, including rentable dockless bikes and scooters, throughout a nine-month demonstration period. While the city evaluates whether or not companies such as Lime, Lyft and Bird can keep their devices in the area, locals will be able to try them out for their morning and afternoon commutes. // Locations and prices vary

Want to take your personal bike and try commuting on your own? The Mount Vernon trail map can help you make it to Washington, DC from NoVA in no time.

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