Arlington’s Long Bridge Park’s athletic fields are getting a new name, thanks to Boeing’s $10 million donation

From a new name to additional programming for active duty military and their families, here’s where the money is going.

The Arlington skyline. (© josephgruber/stock.adobe.com)

By summer’s end, fields at Long Bridge Park, as well as the 50-meter pool being built within the anticipated Aquatics & Fitness Center, will be renamed in recognition of The Boeing Company’s $10 million donation. 

The funding, which was announced on June 4, will go toward maintenance for the fields, operational expenses at the new building, and programming for active duty military and their families held within the facility, which is expected to open in the winter of 2021. 

“Of Boeing’s $10 million contribution, $3 million has gone to the Community Foundation to be granted to the county,” says Arlington County spokesperson Martha Holland. “That portion will offset the fees for active duty and their families to use the Aquatics & Fitness Center for five years.” 

The Aquatics & Fitness Center will include the soon-to-be-named 50-meter pool, a family pool and health and fitness spaces for the use of the community, according to Arlington County. In addition, the project will develop about 10.5 acres of additional park land, creating more garden space, public gathering areas, parking and more. 

According to Boeing, this donation aligns with its philanthropic goals, centered around developing innovation in today’s modern workplace, as well as aiding military veterans and their families. Plus, the future Aquatics & Fitness Center is just about 0.3 of a mile from the company’s headquarters in Arlington.

The money is allotted from a $280 million investment into the community from Boeing and its employees that was established back in 2018. 

Since the donation was received, a new logo was installed on athletic field one, and the two remaining logos will be completed by the end of this summer. While the exact date hasn’t been announced, the Arlington County board is expected to hold an official naming ceremony to celebrate the funding in early fall, in honor of the new title, Boeing Fields at Long Bridge Park.

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