It’s been over a month since the Metro Summer Shutdown. Here’s the progress so far.

From new paint to brighter skylights, here’s what to know about the first half of the Metro Summer Shutdown in Northern Virginia.

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In about eight weeks, the six closed Metro stations, under construction as a result of Metro’s three-month long reconstruction project, will reopen following months of track work, platform repairs, design changes and more. 

Since the project began, several changes have been made at all six of the Yellow and Blue Line stations. Below, we share a brief update on the progress at each one, according to reports from Metro.

Braddock Road
A few weeks ago, the historic Braddock Hump was officially removed from the Alexandria station. The hump had been untouched since 1983, creating an uneven and unsafe platform for riders getting on and off the train. Since its removal, the crews from contractor company Kiewit have sandblasted and painted the top of the platform, and are planning on adding new skylights.

Plans for the new entrance are underway, but it will not be complete until 2021, according to a joint development solicitation of the station. As for the platform reconstruction, the old tiles have been removed and crews have started work on the skylights.

While concrete has been poured at the edges of the platform, construction crews are painting and prepping for new skylights to be installed.

King Street
Crews have started installing new, granite platform edges.

Van Dorn Street
Platform edges are being set and crews are starting waterproofing work.

Eisenhower Avenue
In preparation of reinstalling granite edges, crews are working on waterproofing the platform.

This piece is a part of our Summer Platform Improvement Project coverage. We will continue to update and inform the community about the project throughout the summer. See more coverage here.

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