Senators speak up about beach safety; DC playgrounds exceed lead levels

Northern Virginia’s daily dose of local and national news for Tuesday, July 30.

Beach umbrellas that are not properly secured in the sand are the new focus of Virginia Democratic Senators, who are calling for more safety regulations by the Consumer Product Safety Commission. Time Kaine and Mark Warner are pushing a safety campaign that would educate beach-goers about the dangers of improperly secured beach equipment. (WTOP)

A second round of tests has determined that DC playgrounds have high, potentially dangerous, levels of lead throughout the city. The tests are being completed after the community expressed concerns over the use of recycled tires at various sites. Several pieces have tested for lead components as much as 1,000 parts per million (the EPA believes anything above 400 parts per million is not safe for playgrounds).  (WJLA)

Arlington municipal parking lot will be closed from Aug. 18 to 26 as the county government closes off the 1400 block of North Uhle Street for repaving work. Other parking will be available in the vicinity, as well as underneath the Ellen M. Bozman Government Center. The Aug. 24 Courthouse farmers market will be canceled on Aug. 24. (Inside NoVA)

Manassas resident Ben Hatchell is hoping to reach the 2020 Tokyo Olympics for skateboarding in the sport’s debut on the international stage. The 29-year-old has started a GoFundMe page to help raise the funds to cover Olympic-run expenses.  (WTOP)

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