Topgolf competitor Spot Golf LLC could be coming to NoVA

The Vint Hill-based company is in talks with Billy Casper Golf in Reston and hopes to bring a slightly smaller golf-entertainment location to the area.

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With the 2015 opening of Loudoun County’s Topgolf location, and the closing of the Alexandria location last year, one might wonder, is there really space for another entertainment-plus-golf company in NoVA? 

Vint Hill-based Spot Golf LLC, a partner and affiliate of Oncore Golf (which is currently building a Topgolf-like location in Buffalo, New York) wants to add itself to the local lineup.

The company is actively seeking a location in Northern Virginia and is in talks with Billy Casper Golf in Reston, the managing company of 1757 Golf Club in Dulles, according to a recent report by Washington Business Journal

Back in 2015, Spot Golf LLC announced its global license for FlightScope, a technology that tracks a user’s ball and club activity while at the driving range, which would translate into interactive games, social media capabilities and more.  In the same press release, the company was said to be “working with industry leading partners to reinvent the golf range experience,” which would appeal to golfers and non-golfers alike. 

It also claims to offer a similar style of entertainment as its aforementioned competitor, but counters that with smaller game boards, the eventual location would need less space overall. 

Five years after the license announcement was made, proposed locations have yet to be reported. Alas, Northern Virginians will have to wait to see if there’s a new location to tee-off for fun in the future. 

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