Camp HERricane Arlington

Photo courtesy of Camp HERricane Arlington

HERricane Arlington focuses on giving girls the hands-on skills they need to be heroes: putting out fires, starting CPR, reporting suspicious packages, organizing rescue teams and spotting dangerous weather, to name a few. Heavy emphasis is placed on leadership development and teamwork; the camp is small, so the camaraderie is fierce. HERricane Arlington doesn’t forget to bring the fun either: There’s an Iron Chef-style cook-off with emergency supplies, paracord bracelet crafting and the chance to produce viral social media content (with a disaster twist, of course.) Included in registration is a one-year-long continuing education game called The Aftermath. Girls attend workshops and complete activities to earn points, which are used to earn gift cards and other incentives—even a college stipend.

Age Range: 13-17 years old
Camp Dates: June 25-29
Sessions: Full day, weekly, day camp
Registration: $225;