Continue learning outside the classroom with these games

Once kids return to school, it might be difficult to continue learning at home. These activities, though, will turn reading, math and geography into a family game.

back to school
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After the freedom of summer, convincing kids to crack open the books not just in the classroom but also at home can be difficult. Turn learning into family game night with these games that bolster reading, math, geography and more.


This Scrabble-esque vocabulary game uses letter tiles to help kids learn new words and work on their spelling. Race to the finish and play again—no round is ever the same as another.

Flags of the World

Flags of the World educates players on foreign cultures with trivia on landmarks and cities from every country around the globe. With different difficulty levels that accommodate all ages, everyone in the family can play.

Math Ninja

Compatible on both the iPhone and iPad, Math Ninja is an educational and action-packed app recommended for ages 7 and older that puts kids to the test by asking them to solve math problems in order to complete levels and get rewards.

Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing

In today’s digital word, typing is as important a skill as ever. Mavis Beacon is a free computer program that offers a suite of games that help kids get familiar with the keyboard and typing quickly and correctly. The program tracks progress and allows for multiple users so every user has his or her own account.

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