What the kids can read this month

The latest tomes from local authors.

Photo courtesy of Science Naturally
The Last Magician
By Lisa Maxwell
Simon Pulse

Manhattan is no place for magic in Lisa Maxwell’s The Last Magician. In the early 1900s the Order put practices in place that would ferret out those with magical powers, the Mageus. And in today’s world just crossing into the city limits, through the Brink, a dark energy barrier, causes the remaining Mageus to lose their power or in some cases die. But the young Esta, a thief, has found a way to travel back to 1901 and put a stop to the future injustices of her people. (July 2017)

Photo courtesy of Simon Pulse
One Minute Mysteries: Short Mysteries You Solve with Math!
By Eric and Natalie Yoder
Science Naturally!

Arlington father-daughter duo Eric and Natalie Yoder are making learning math easy by teaching it like a mystery. Their latest release is for kids ages 10-14, and breaks down math concepts like algebra, fractions and geometry into narrative brainteasers. Short Mysteries You Solve with Math! is a follow-up to two previous books written in the same format that focused on science. And, the book offers lessons in both Spanish and English.
(August 2017)

(December 2017)