What we’re reading this month

The latest tomes from local authors.

Courtesy of Pegasus Books
Dodging and Burning
By John Copenhaver
Pegasus Books

John Copenhaver, a D.C. Commission on the Arts and Humanities Artist Fellowship recipient, releases his debut novel inspired by the global turmoil and nationalistic pride found in the post-WWII era and focusing on a community that was severely overlooked: the LGBTQ community. In 1945, three kids in rural Virginia find items from a missing woman who is presumed dead and try to piece together her story. As one girl delves deeper doubts arise about one boys part in the mystery. It tests friendships and leads them to a truth no one saw coming. (March 2018)

Gravity Changes
By Zach Powers
BOA Editions, Ltd.

Stories of fantastical worlds are bound together in 2015 contemporary literature BOA award winner Zach Powers’ latest book. He puts a surreal, absurd twist on everyday stories: Children fly, men marry, and light bulbs and portals to other worlds are opened. (May 2017)

(March 2018)