Fairfax County has a new policy for CBD oil in schools

Students can now register CBD oil and THC-A oil similar to other prescriptions and have it administered while at school.

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On Friday, Oct. 11, Fairfax County Public Schools announced a new policy in accordance with Virginia law, that allows the county’s schools to store, dispense and administer cannabidiol (CBD) oil and tetrahydrocannabinol acid (THC-A) oil to registered students.

Students whose parents or guardians have submitted the proper paperwork, including a Medication Authorization Form signed by a licensed medical or osteopathic practitioner, can have the oil administered at school by an authorized staff member.

The paperwork must also include the reasons for the student’s use of the medication, when it should be administered to the child and the exact dosage needed.

The policy protects administers of the medication from any type of prosecution in the policy as well. They cannot be charged for storing, dispensing or administering CBD oil or THC-A oil.

As always, parents or guardians must transport the medication to and from the school with the proper paperwork in order for the prescription to be registered and administered to the student on school grounds.

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