Wedding Tips for a Stressed Out, Confused, Unprepared Groom

Dos and don’ts and responsibilities for grooms to remember during the wedding process.

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By Janeé Williams

Planning a wedding can be a stressful process and really difficult when you feel like you’re the only one doing it. Jon’ll Boyd the owner/certified wedding and events coordinator at Completely Yours Events, LLC is here to change that by providing the groom with helpful tips and top mistakes that lead to a stressed out bride.


How can the groom help in the wedding process?

“First, be involved. The perception is that the bride doesn’t want the groom involved, but the reality is that they absolutely do want the grooms to have a role. We find that the brides are really excited when the groom takes interest. It transforms the ‘big day’ from being all about the bride to being all about the bride and groom. It truly makes it their day.

Secondly, be supportive. Many of the wedding responsibilities falls on the bride and other day-to-day responsibilities like work and spending time together can turn into added pressure during the wedding process. If the groom can be more supportive, it’s well received and the bride feels that the groom understands her stress and it’s definitely appreciated.

Thirdly, talk about finances. Don’t stress and complain about the finances during the wedding process. The groom can help by having a conversation early on about the finances so that he does not get overwhelmed by how much money is being spent and transferring that stress onto the bride.

Fourthly, Enjoy each other. The groom should take the time to pull his ‘bride to be’ out of the wedding process so that they can spend time with one another. Make them take some time to breath and step away from everything.”


What are some of the biggest mistakes that grooms can make?

Wedding Tips for the Groom.
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“Don’t become a groomzilla, it’s not attractive. The bride and family members are already going to be high strung so a groom-zilla will not make the process any better. Stray away from that.

Don’t be careless. When asked what you like or what you think, ‘I don’t care’ is not the best answer. It makes you come off like you don’t care about your big wedding day. Show her that it’s important to you too.

Don’t be too controlling. Being too controlling can definitely overshadow the entire wedding process.”


What are some responsibilities the groom has to take on for the big day?

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“Traditionally there are a few things that the groom should be responsible for. They usually plan the rehearsal dinner. This means picking what restaurant to go to, deciding who’s coming and sending out invitations. They plan and take the lead on the honeymoon.

It is typical, however, for the bride to add her suggestions to the honeymoon location, but generally the groom takes on that responsibility. They are responsible for getting their tuxedo and making sure the groomsmen get their tuxedos and that they are all fitted and ready to go. They handle the transportation, and a lot of times they also handle the the DJ. Grooms tend to take on the less glamorous things in the wedding process.”