The Lighter Side of Paintball

Looking for a new activity for your kids? Pev’s Paintball in Aldie is offering kid-safe fun.

By Robby Osborne

pee wee paintball
Photo courtesy of Pev's Paintball.

When people think of paintball, they think of a high-adrenaline sport that requires athletics, accuracy and the ability to take some punishment.

Hardly anyone leaves a paintball arena unscathed, and they usually leave with more than a few welts across their body. For this reason, many parents have kept their younger children away from the sport. However, there was a game changer last year, with the advent of PeeWee Paintball at Pev’s Paintball Park.

Utilizing JT Splatmasters paintball guns, which are powered by spring pressure instead of compressed air or CO2. The speed of smaller paintballs are reduced by more than half, significantly reducing the impact.

With all this in mind, PeeWee Paintball has been designed for children aged 5 to 9. For a child to play in a regular paintball match, they must be at least 8. All PeeWee Paintball games take place on the same courses as the other games, so Pev’s can accommodate up to 20 reservations in a single day.

Though PeeWee paintball is relatively new, Pev’s founder Mike Peverill said it has quickly developed a following. 

“In the last six months we’ve noticed the awareness has resulted in an increase in participation,” said Peverill. PeeWee paintball is available on Saturdays and Sundays, by reservation only, with a minimum of six players in each reservation. The reservations include an hour of play, all rentals and safety equipment, unlimited paintball refills and specially-trained staff members.

“At the paintball field our safety guides are on the field to provide a safe environment,” said Peverill. “Parents do have the option to watch their kids play as long as they wear goggles as well.”


39835 New Road,Aldie, 20105
(703) 327-7640,
 Saturdays and Sundays; $25