Goff Speak: Back-to-school like a boss

From help getting out the door to staying organized, here are some tips to make the back-to-school transition as seamless as possible.

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With summer behind us, it’s goodbye beach and hello books. Getting into the back-to-school spirit is exciting but can be a big transition. From help getting out the door to staying organized, here are some tips to make the new start as seamless as possible.

• Daily Checklist: A simple search on the internet will reveal scores of printable routine checklists for younger kids. Insert in a plastic sleeve and let your child use a dry erase marker to check off everything from brushing to their teeth to giving you a goodbye hug.

• Homework Center: Putting homework time on the family schedule helps make the practice routine. Using the same location in the house will keep things consistent. You can even call it the Homework Hub. Attach Mason jars to a lazy Susan with Velcro tape and you have a rotating supply station. Fill the jars with pencils, markers, scissors … whatever your child uses.

• Carpool Survival Kit: So easy to create and you’ll thank me later. Fill a shower caddy with things the kids can do while waiting to be dropped off. A joke book, invisible ink travel pads, Rubik’s cube and wipes all work well.

• Tween Emergency: Parents of tweens can reduce the stress by prepacking an emergency pouch they can keep in their locker. Throw everything in it from ChapStick, stain remover, safety pins to all things feminine care.

• File Everything: The papers and certificates brought home daily don’t have to be overwhelming. Get a file box and hanging files for each grade. You can even personalize the front of each folder with a label with the grade, teacher’s name and photo of your child that year. That is now your go-to spot for all important documents, favorite stories, drawings, coloring pages and awards.

• Go for the Goal: It’s never too early for your child to put their school year to-do list on paper. Asking what they hope to achieve can be the first question. Do you want to make the soccer team, the honor roll or maybe audition for the school play?  Writing down goals and following up on them is a great way to motivate.

(September 2016)

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