The alternative Mother’s Day

Scrap the mimosas and overpriced spa sessions for some nontraditional ways to spend the holiday.

Photo by tomertu/Adobe Stock
Photo by tomertu/Adobe Stock

See brunch specials for Mother’s Day 2019 here, and find Mother’s Day 2019 events here.

If brunches and spa visits aren’t your ideal Mother’s Day, rest assured that there are alternatives. Here are a few suggestions for out-of-the-box ways to celebrate that special day:

The Don’t-Lift-a-Finger Mother’s Day

Let today be the day you do no chores, helping no one clean up their room or make a sandwich. Instead write a list of the things you’d like family members to do for you. Perhaps you’d appreciate a bagel run to Brooklyn Bagel and a cortado from Chill Zone in Arlington. And maybe a family member can draw you a bath, made aromatic with bath bombs from Ladyburg (Fredericksburg/Alexandria). Take time to consider what you’d like for lunch and dinner, and ask family members if they’ll take on some grocery shopping at the local farmers market and do the cooking. And then, get lost in a book the remainder of the day while your family takes care of you.

The Outdoorsy Mother’s Day

Rather than stay cooped up in the house, step out into the fresh air and visit a NoVA park you haven’t yet seen. Great Falls Park, Ellanor C. Lawrence Park and Pohick Bay Regional Park are all great candidates for a day of outdoor exploration, and a wonderful way to reflect on and appreciate the many gifts of motherhood—all while doing something nice for yourself.

The Bad Moms Mother’s Day

If you’re diligently working to be the perfect mom 364 days of the year (first of all, stop), you need at least one day where you can be a “bad mom.” Let that day be Mother’s Day, as you hand your kids off with a kiss to a responsible family member or friend and take off with a group of mom friends. Cocktails at 10 a.m.? Sure, why not? A trip to the National Harbor casino for all-day gambling? Sounds great. Dancing ’til closing time at Nick’s? Absolutely. Just be sure to take a taxi and take Monday off to recover—or better yet, just don’t show up. (Cue Office Space sequence.)


The Quality Time Mother’s Day

For those of you with daughters who don’t fancy a mother-daughter pedicure date, it may be both meaningful and memorable to do something more interactive. Try taking a trip to the local craft store and selecting some basic supplies to make a craft together, such as a sign for your home, greeting cards you can both give to family and friends or mother and daughter necklaces. Add some lemonade and snacks, and you have yourself a satisfying afternoon.

The Make-It-Up-As-You-Go Mother’s Day

How often do you get a day when you can wake up at whatever time you please and do whatever you feel like? If the answer is never, this may be a good option for you. Sometimes holiday plans, however thoughtful, cause too much stress to be worthwhile. So this year, don’t set an alarm or make reservations—just see what the day brings and tell everyone else in your home you have a date with yourself.

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