Family-friendly Fourth of July crafts and games

For families that might want to skip crowded events and lines on the fourth this year, here’s a list of things to do for a perfectly patriotic celebration at home.

Fourth of July craft
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Celebrate this Fourth of July with crafts and games that are easy to prepare and fun for everyone. Kids and adults alike can engage with the patriotic spirit of the holiday without worrying about packed venues and fire hazards.

Red, White and Blue Water Balloon Dodgeball

Prepare some red, white and blue water balloons for opponents to throw at each other in this patriotic variation on the classic game of dodgeball. As usual, a player is out if he or she is hit with a water balloon by a member of the other team, and the team with the last person remaining on the field is declared the winner.

American Tie-Dyed Shirts

Set up a tie-dying station where participants can make tie-dye swirls, dots, sunbursts, or their own special designs on white shirts with red, white and blue dye. Make sure to have rubber gloves and plastic bags on hand to send guests home with their creations.

Patriotic Scavenger Hunt

Hide printouts of iconic American images such as the American flag, the declaration of independence, or important American historical figures and give participants a complete list of what they need to find. The person who collects the most items on the list after everything is found wins a prize, like a pair of American flag sunglasses.

Festive Cookie Decorating

Make several batches of sugar cookies cut out into cookie-cutter stars and let guests decorate their own cookies with anything from red, white and blue frosting to fresh blueberries and strawberries.

The Category Game: USA Edition

The category game is a great way to get younger kids to settle down while also being a challenge for older kids and even adults. Players sit around in a circle, and in this version of the game, the first person says something that is red, like apples, and then the next person has to say something that’s blue, which is then followed by something that’s white, and then the pattern repeats itself. Any person who pauses for more than four seconds or repeats something that was already said is out, and the winner is the last player remaining.

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