Proposal Stories: Arlington’s Brian Muys and Siobhan Hourigan

Muys surprised his soon-to-be fiancee by popping the big question at an unexpected place: her workplace.

Brian Muys and Siobhan Hourigan
Photo courtesy of Brian Muys

The Couple: Brian Muys and Siobhan Hourigan

The Wedding Date: May 28, 2017

The Proposal (as told by Brian Muys):

I met Siobhan about four and a half years ago on After our first date for drinks, she asked if I’d like to get together again, and though I wasn’t expecting her to take that initiative, I didn’t hesitate. Since then, we have traveled together to Jamaica, Ireland, and after our wedding in May, we took an extended trip to Croatia, Bosnia, Slovenia, Austria, Slovakia and Hungary.

We got married at a private outdoor service in the gardens of a romantic inn in Asheville, North Carolina. Well, how did we get there, you might ask?

Last summer, our fourth anniversary passed, and then we spent her fall birthday weekend in the mountains and were planning a romantic getaway to Vermont over the holidays. I wrestled with the decision of timing and decided that all of those would likely be too predictable, so I decided to get creative and surprise her at work, a local hospital where she’s a nurse practitioner. I enlisted her best friend and supervisor to arrange a phony office visit for an anonymous VIP patient and was waiting for her in the examining room. She didn’t expect it at all but soon seemed to catch on to our clever ploy, and when she arrived in the room, I knelt and presented her with a ring. All of it was caught on video (see below).

The North Carolina wedding was small, so we planned a casual party following some time after the ceremony to celebrate with our closest friends and family who were unable to attend.