Goff Speak: Back-to-school money and sanity savers

Between clothes, electronics and supplies, parents will shell out an average of $674 per kid.

back to school
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It’s September, which for parents means getting the kids back into the swing of things. Going back to school can be stressful not only for students but also for mom and dad. Between clothes, electronics and supplies, parents will shell out an average of $674 per kid. From stretching that dollar to getting the kids out the door faster, here are some tips, tricks and apps that may make the transition a little easier.

Try these:

• Money-Saving Apps: Flipp (weekly ads and coupons by item, brand and category), Snip Snap (mobile coupon app), Retale (find local coupons) and Ebates (tracks purchases and gives back)
• Wake Up Faster: Turn loud music on to help jolt your kid out of bed. Do you have a pet? Try using your dog or cat by bringing them to the bed—you might be surprised how fast your little animal-lover reacts.
• DIY Post Office: Don’t lose important checks, teacher notes or forms ever again. Using a document folder or big zipper pouch, have your child create their personal post office. This folder/pouch remains in their bag always. Remind your child they are the postmaster and it’s their responsibility to get important mail to and from school and home.
• Carpool Must-Haves: Make a #ICWMI bag to keep in the car at all times. You can fill a gallon zip-close bag with a hairbrush, hair ties, dry toothbrushes and nonperishable snacks—just in case we missed it! This avoids last-minute hunger, bad hair and stinky breath.
• Kid Command Center in Car: Turn a beauty bag into an entertainment station to help ease the commute. Just hook it to the back of the headrest of your seat or the passenger seat so it’s in front of your child to make sure snacks, coloring and games are within reach.
• Declutter Closets: Need a place to send old, outgrown clothes? Clean out that closet and help a great cause: your kid’s school. Donate clothes to Schoola, and 40 percent of the sale goes to your child’s school.

(September 2017 Back to School Guide)