Show your child these YouTube alternatives

There’s a lot to love about the popular video sharing site, but not all content is kid-friendly.

Cute little boy with a tablet pc
© levranii, Adobe Stock

It’s called the World Wide Web for a reason: The internet offers a vast array of materials for people of all ages and interests.

YouTube, many  little ones’ first introduction to the expansive online world, is similarly set up to appeal to all audiences. There are plenty of kid-friendly videos for young viewers, but what immature eyes may not be prepared for is what comes after their initially selected clip. Now that videos begin playing automatically after the preceding video completes—and because ads can be unpredictable—what children may wind up watching isn’t always age appropriate.

But fear not. These alternative apps and sites keep kid-friendly entertainment and safety at the forefront.

YouTube Kids
With this free app, parents can turn the search bar either on or off, keeping little ones to watching only what mom and dad want them to, or giving slightly older youths the freedom to navigate, within reason. Parents can also set time limits and block videos, though the site is meant to filter content so that everything is, in theory, kid-friendly.

This website offers 26 different video categories including subjects such as How-To, English, Fine Arts, Fitness and Dance, Just For Fun and more. Kids can also explore the videos that are trending, popular and featured should they not be in the mood for any particular topic.

Disney Video
If your kid is a Disney lover, it’s best to go straight to the source. This site offers up some of its movies, cartoons and TV shows, while the free Disney Movies Anywhere app allows users to enjoy films in their personal collection while on the go. The app also offers parental control settings.

Rather than having Google serve as your child’s go-to search engine, KidRex will keep your kids safely exploring by blocking content containing inappropriate language. Should a site that seems questionable make its way through, parents can submit a request to have a webpage removed.