4 TV shows that are fun for kids to watch—and are educational, too

Relaxing in front of the TV is a part of summer—and it can give kids ideas for their next summertime activity.

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Top Chef Junior
Ideal age: 10 and up
Twelve children who love the kitchen compete in a series of cooking challenges.
Benefit: May inspire the kids watching to try cooking for the first time.
Find it: Hulu

Series of Unfortunate Events
Ideal age: 10 and up
Three orphans navigate rough waters after their parents’ untimely death.
Benefit: Packed with literary references that may inspire kids to read—they can read the books, then watch the show.
Find it: Netflix

Bill Nye the Science Guy
Ideal age: 7 and up
Bill Nye conducts science experiments and explains STEM concepts with humor.
Benefit: This oldie but goodie instills science concepts in a fun and easy-to-follow way.
Find it: 31 episodes are available on Netflix.

Ideal age: 6 and up
A Nordic girl in the fictional city of Trollberg goes on unexpected adventures.
Benefit: Celebrates the value of teamwork and friendship, and encourages a love of flora and fauna.
Find it: Netflix

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