Backstreet Boy Howie D on his new family album, fatherhood and this summer’s DNA World Tour

In July, Howie D will release a children’s album titled Which One Am I?. We interviewed him about the collection of songs that reflect on his childhood.

Howie D and his wife, Leigh Boniello, and their two sons, Holden Dorough (left) and James Dorough (right). (Photo by Nicole Hensley)

Have you heard? Backstreet’s back (all right!). Fans of the famed ’90s boy band can catch their performance on the DC DNA World Tour stop on July 12, at Capital One Arena.

Also in Backstreet Boys news, band member Howie Dorough, aka Howie D, will release his debut children’s album, Which One Am I?, on July 12, as well. The album is family focused, with Dorough reflecting on his own childhood and fatherhood (he has two sons). We spoke with him about his new solo album and the current Backstreet Boys reunion tour. Highlights below.

The Which One Am I? album cover.

What inspired you to release a children’s album?
My kids were the inspiration for me to make this family record. I wanted to make something where we could connect to each other musically, outside of Backstreet Boys.  When I look out into the audience nowadays, I see parents bringing their kids, so I wanted to make something that both generations could enjoy equally.

What’s your favorite song off the album?
My kids’ favorite songs are “Monsters In My Head” and “No Hablo Español.” I personally have a strong attachment to the song “The Me I’m Meant To Be,” as it really defines a period in my life when I was struggling to find my own identity.

How has being a father changed you both personally and within your music?
Being a father has taught me so much about life. The biggest lessons I’m learning are to be selfless and to never expect things to be perfect. Life sometimes throws you curve balls, and it’s how you overcome and deal with them that make you a better person. Now, when I’m writing music, I have a different maturity level as it pertains to the subjects I’m writing about.

The Backstreet Boys (Photo by Dennis Leupold)

What themes about childhood does the album explore? 
My album explores a wide array of subjects from being shy, to worrying, to being in somebody’s shadow, to having scary dreams, to being small and even having people misjudge you because of the way you look.

What can our readers expect at the DNA World Tour stop in DC this summer?
Backstreet Boys are going to take our fans on a trip down memory lane with the DNA tour. People will get a chance to hear all their favorites, as well as some of our favorites from the new album.  I’m very proud of the show, with all the hard work we put into it, and I can’t wait to start the U.S. tour in DC.

How is parenthood incorporated into the Backstreet Boys today?
I was personally really excited to be able to include our families in the video for “No Place Like Home.” The DNA album, more than any of them, definitely bridges the gap between Backstreet Boys back in the day and Backstreet Boys nowadays as family men.

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