3 family-friendly movies hitting theaters this winter

Here are our favorite family-friendly film coming to Northern Virginia box offices at the start of 2020.

No matter the time of year in Northern Virginia, a movie night with the kids is always a good idea. Yet in the winter it seems almost ideal, as it provides entertainment for the entire family while staying warm and avoiding the chill of seasonal activities like ice skating or sledding. 

From now until February, three family-friendly films packed with highly acclaimed actors are coming to the box office, and here we share details about them all. 


Premiering Friday, Jan. 17
More than 50 years later, animal-whisperer Dr. Doolittle is coming back to big screens everywhere. This time, Robert Downey Jr. stars as the physician whose only companions are an array of exotic animals that he can, in fact, speak with. In this adaptation, Dr. Dolittle and his furry friends must leave the safety of their 19th-century manor in England to find the cure for Queen Victoria’s life-threatening sickness on a mythical, unknown island. Kids will delight in the entertaining tale, and adults will recognize the voices of a few of their favorite stars, like Emma Thompson, Michael Sheen, Selena Gomez and many more. 

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Sonic the Hedgehog

Premiering Friday, Feb. 14
While millennial-age individuals will recognize the name from the action-packed video game created by Sega, blue superhero Sonic is entering the real world this year in the newly adapted film Sonic the Hedgehog. In this one-of-a-kind story, Sonic mysteriously lands in the rural town of Green Hills and accidentally attracts attention from government officials due to his powers. In order to escape the wrath of Dr. Ivo Robotnik, played by Jim Carrey, Sonic befriends small town cop Tom Waschowski (James Marsden). Watch it all unfold in theaters starting Valentine’s Day. 

The Call of the Wild

Premiering Friday, Feb. 21
Over a century ago ago, legendary novel The Call of the Wild made its debut on bookshelves across the country, telling of strong sled dogs who fought for survival on a daily basis in Yukon, Canada. This February, families will get an inside look at the life of Buck, a unique dog who was taken from his home to become a sled dog. The animated figure will become the support system of John Thornton, played by highly acclaimed actor Harrison Ford. Through the intricate scenes and the well-written plot, originally by Jack London, this film is sure to catch the attention of viewers of all ages.

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