8 books written by NoVA-based authors to read with your kids

From picture books to rhyme-filled stories, these NoVA-based children book authors make it easy to entertain youngsters while you’re hanging at home.

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Yes, the quarantine life is still a reality in homes throughout the country, and probably will be for a while. If you’re among the many parents who find themselves running out of ideas to entertain the kids, we—as well as the many talented children’s book authors of Northern Virginia—are here to help. 

Below, find a detailed list of children’s books new and old written by local writers that you can have shipped to your doorstep in a matter of days, even in the midst of a global pandemic

Whoo-Ku Haiku
Released in March, 2020
Well-established, local children’s book author Maria Gianferrari released Whoo-Ku Haiku this month, leading young readers through the life cycle of one of America’s most beloved wild animals, the owl. Plus, the dramatic illustrations are fascinating to readers of all ages. As she grew up in New Hampshire, the majority of Gianferrari’s stories focus on animals, wildlife and nature as a whole. This spring, be on the lookout for Gianferrari’s latest release, Play Like an Animal! How Critters Splash, Race, Twirl, and Chase. 

Flash and Gleam: Light in Our World
Released in March, 2020
This easy-to-follow book of rhymes and luminous illustrations is great for children with big imaginations, and it’s written by award-winning, NoVA-based author Sue Fliess, who has produced over 30 children’s books of varying genres. In the coming months, be on the lookout for Fliess’ two new releases, The Princess and the Petri Dish (April 1) and How to Meet a Mermaid (June 16). 

Pretty Hair
Released in 2019
Kiddos who have ever felt like they don’t belong will delight in reading about Sophia, a young girl whose hair just doesn’t quite look like everyone else’s. Recently released Pretty Hair is written by author Carylee Carrington, who creates stories for children from her home base of Gainesville. 

Layla’s Happiness
Released in 2019
While this feel-good tale is written by New York-born writer Mariahadessa Ekere Tallie, the illustrator, Ashleigh Corrin Webb, hails from Fauquier County. Through the local designer’s playful drawings, the story of 7-year-old Layla, who is an African American girl growing up in South Carolina, comes to life. Plus, Webb was even awarded a gold medal honor for breaking barriers in children’s publishing earlier this year.  

A Goat Named Joey
Released in 2019
Despite not being in school for the next few weeks, your child is definitely still able to learn life lessons from the comfort of your home. A Goat Named Joey can help, as the children’s book is meant to be a tool for parents, educators and children to boost self-confidence and stop the scourge of bullying. Springfield-based Tom Nochera released the story of Joey the Goat last October, and plans to debut part two of the series in the near future. 

Daddies Do
Released in 2018
While yes, Daddies Do is certainly a fun read for the kids, it also gives Dad the chance for a little praise too. From a small mouse to a tiny lion cub, several baby animals hangout with Dad in this creative, rhyme-filled picture book by Ashburn-based author Lezlie Evans. While you’re ordering this animal-filled book, browse Evans’ other nine stories too.     

Vivian and the Legend of the Hoodoos
Released in 2017
Beginner readers will love following along with Vivian as she discovers the secret life of a former population known as the Hoodoos, in this unique story written by a NoVA resident. While born in Havana, Cuba, author Terry Cartús Jennings now resides in Reston, creating nonfiction tales for children both in the NoVA region and beyond.

Dragons Rule, Princesses Drool
Released in 2017
Dragons Rule, Princesses Drool, by NoVA-based author and illustrator Courtney Pippin-Mathur, has everything little readers want: colorful images, dragons and a plot line about two unlikely friends coming together. During this uncertain time, this fun tale will give the entire family something cheery to discuss, and also let your little readers add new vocabulary to their repertoire.

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