The Bichon Bash: A furry friend fundraiser

Whether person or pup, the Bichon Bash is an event worth attending.

Photo by Viorel Sima, Adobe Stock

For friends with four legs or two, the Bichon Bash is both a fundraiser and an exciting event for the entire family—furry members included. Held on Sept. 17 at Bull Run Regional Park this year, this third annual bash raises money for the Bichon Frise Club of America Charitable Trust and promotes the rescue and adoption of animals.

Active since 2008, BFCACT is strictly a volunteer program. Costs of vetting the rescue animals alone is a great expense, so the Bash is one way that the rescue raises money. The Bash is its largest fundraising event, and the organization recruits about 30 volunteers working to keep the event afloat by donating time and resources.

Aside from fundraising, the Bichon Bash began as a way for rescue families to meet one another. Both foster and adopting families have the chance to come together at this event and encourage each other while offering advice and support.
Through dog training information, grooming, a pet spa and information on natural dog supplements, owners can gather resources that allow them to keep themselves and their bichon healthy and happy.

Each bichon rescue promotes adopting over shopping, and they make it easy to do. While the bichon frise is a friendly dog with tons of energy, it still faces abandonment like any other dog. For the bichon, the amount of grooming required is tolerable but important to maintain. Bichons are easy to train and are known for their good health, making them a playful and reliable companion.

The event shows that these fluffy friends are more than pets; they are family members. Each event raises awareness and funds for the BFCACT. The Bichon Bash will also be an adoption event if there are bichons available at the time.

In order to attend the Bichon Bash, registration and prepayment of the donation is required. Register online at The minimum donation per person 12 years and older is $15 and $5 for those under 12.

All bichons in attendance must be vaccinated, and all male dogs over 6 months old must be neutered. The Bash is a place where bichons can play while the owners are informed and entertained, so bring your family and your bichon to Bull Run Park for a day of information, fundraising, enjoyment and playful pooches.

Here are 2017’s Bichon Bash Events:

  • Attorney John Dillon on estate planning for your bichon
  • Shirley Hendel: Bichon Glasswork (custom-made fused glass)
  • Doody Calls: Pet Waste Management
  • Animal House: Dog Training, Agility and Day Care
  • Arlette Jacobs: Natural Supplements
  • Barkley Square Pets and Spa: Groomer Demo


2017 Bichon Bash
Sept. 17, 11 a.m.-4 p.m.
Bull Run Regional Park, Centreville

(September 2017)