Six DIY costumes for your furry friend

These pet costumes can be made using household items, sans excessive effort.

Photo courtesy of Brit + Co.

People are no longer looking only at one another’s Halloween costumes, they’re also checking out what each other’s pets are wearing. To ensure that your furry friend can partake in the holiday fun (without breaking the bank), we’ve compiled six pet costumes that you can make at home.

Ty Beanie Baby
Turn your pet into a Beanie baby in just ten minutes. You’ll need a “ty” printout, white felt, red felt, ribbon, a hot glue gun and scissors.

Using the logo as your guide, cut the red felt into the shape of a heart. From the white felt, cut out the letters “ty.”  Hot glue the white “ty” letters to the red felt heart and attach the final product to a ribbon. You will then use the ribbon to tie the felt logo around your pet’s neck.

For this costume you’ll need scissors, a black permanent marker, white felt, green fleece, three pingpong balls and a hot glue gun.

First measure around your pet’s head, then add 5 inches. Cut the green fleece so that it is 4 ½ inches wide with room for 1 inch ties. Create teeth by cutting zigzags across a 2-by-7 inch piece of white felt. Glue the teeth onto the felt with a hot glue gun.

Create monster eyes by drawing an “X” on each of the three ping pong balls. Glue these across the front of the head band.

Lego Brick
An empty shoebox, six plastic cups of same size, Velcro and a hot glue gun come together to create this costume.

Cut a hole big enough to fit your pets head at the very end of the shoebox (if you have a larger pet, find a bigger rectangular box and follow the same procedure). Next, hot glue the six plastic cups to the top of the box one inch apart from one another.

Spray paint the box and cups the Lego color of your choosing.  Secure the box by adding Velcro to the inside.

Photo courtesy of Crafts by Courtney

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle
To make this cartoon classic, you’ll need a green T-shirt, ribbon, paintbrush, green paint, brown paint, a foil turkey pan, Mod Podge and a hole punch.

Using brown paint, coat the entire back of the turkey pan. Once dry, add a light coat of  green paint topped with Mod Podge (so the paint won’t chip).

Make two holes on each side of the turkey pan using the hold punch and tie a ribbon through both ends. This will help secure the shell so that it can be worn like a backpack. Dress your dog in the green tee, attach the shell with the ribbon and add extra ribbon around your pet’s legs to complete the look.

For this costume, you’ll need four sheets of glittery card stock (any color), scissors, scrap paper, paint (any color), an x-acto knife, a glue stick, spray adhesive, a 3 inch Styrofoam sphere, a hot glue gun, clear glitter and a vest or jacket.

First, create a wing template using scrap paper. Once happy with the shape, cut one wing out of each piece of glittery card stock (leaving you with four total wings).

Next, paint the Styrofoam ball. Once dry, spray adhesive and sprinkle glitter on top. Using an x-acto knife, cut slits into the ball and insert wings.

Hot glue your creation onto any vest or jacket your pet will be comfortable wearing.

For a prehistoric pup, you’ll need a hooded sweatshirt, felt, thread, a needle, a diamond-shaped template, scissors, a hot glue gun, an iron and an ironing board.

Using the diamond-shaped template and some felt, cut out your pet’s dinosaur spikes. After folding the diamonds in half, stitch the spikes into the middle of what will be the back of your dog’s hoodie.