Local franchise Woofie’s launches academy for aspiring groomers

Through an online curriculum and hands-on experience, Northern Virginia residents will be exposed to modern pet care techniques and job training.

fluffy dog getting nails cut
Photo courtesy of Woofie’s

In any industry, having proper training and experience is an essential step toward a successful career. And now, thanks to Woofie’s—the NoVA-based franchise that combines pet sitting, dog walking and mobile spa services into one entity—those interested in joining the pet care field have an opportunity to follow a direct path of accelerated training to a stable job with Woofie’s Academy

Officially launched in November, the program offers three levels of certifications labeled as groom tech, pet groomer and pet stylist for aspiring groomers in the field. Once students complete all three levels, graduates from Woofie’s Academy will be offered a position with the Woofie’s team at one of the company’s various NoVA locations. 

“This is a dream that has finally come true,” co-founder and co-owner Amy Reed said in a press release. “Proper training is vital to any trade; and to be able to give our groomers the skills to succeed will only heighten our level of service for our communities we serve.”

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dog being bathed with blue towel
Photo courtesy of Woofie’s

The Woofie’s team partnered with the Paragon School of Pet Grooming, which has been offering extensive online and in-person courses in the United States for nearly 30 years, to curate an in-depth, individualized curriculum. 

All students of Woofie’s Academy will receive practical, tuition-paid, hands-on learning, ultimately better preparing them for the industry as a whole. From breed-specific haircuts to hydrosurge baths, the majority of the programming will take place within a mobile environment in an effort to acclimate students to the popular trend in pet care services. 

As Woofie’s has a partnership with local animal shelters in the area, students will have the opportunity to practice the skills they learn by grooming dogs from rescue groups and shelters as well. 

Woofie’s Academy is currently accepting applications. For those who are accepted, materials are offered online in a take-home format or at Woofie’s corporate offices in Ashburn, and hands-on training occurs within mobile pet spas. For more information, visit woofies.com/woofies-academy.

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