These are the most dog-friendly neighborhoods in the DMV

Arlington-based apartment complex The Waycroft analyzed Yelp data and apartment listings in 47 DMV neighborhoods to find out the best home for Fido. Here are the results.

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When walking around Northern Virginia neighborhoods, chances are pretty high you’re going to see a few furry friends strutting along the streets with their owners in tow. And, while the DMV is a primarily green region with plenty of space for Fido to roam, according to new research compiled by local apartment complex The Waycroft, some neighborhoods are better than others for raising your pets. 

The winning location? The Ballston neighborhood of Arlington, due to its abundance of parks within walking distance, easy access to pet services and high number of dog-friendly apartments. Following behind Ballston for second and third place is Old Town Alexandria and Dupont Circle in the District, respectively. 

The Ballston-based complex recently decided to analyze Yelp data and dog-friendly apartment listings in 47 DMV neighborhoods, while using several dog-friendly factors, to reach conclusive results. The factors considered included the number of animal-friendly apartments, number of pet services, number of pet stores, number of veterinarians, number of dog-friendly establishments and number of parks in the designated region. 

For a full list of the top 10 dog-friendly neighborhoods, see below. 

chart of dog friendly neighborhoods
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