50 Best Restaurants 2018: Ciao Osteria

An Italian restaurant in Centreville

Ciao Osteria
Photo by Rey Lopez

Picture a custom-made ceramic piece that looks like a mini-tagine. It’s a hollow cone with slots to let the warmth from the candle inside slowly, lightly heat the laid out strips of jamon Iberico de Bellota pata negra, aka, the prized cut from the famous free-roaming, acorn-eating black pigs of Spain. Why does a neighborhood Italian restaurant with the requisite Italian landscape murals sell this display? Well, meat this good knows no geographic boundaries.

The pizzas have always been the answer here, especially one with thin slices of wine-cured beef, topped with gorgonzola and parmesan. The crust—how to judge a pizza in adulthood—is crunchy and charred and creates contrast to the rich toppings. The specials menu can overreach, so stick with the classics, and especially the sweet, creamy and boozy tiramisu.

Ciao Osteria
Italian | $$
14115 St. Germain Drive, Centreville

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