50 Best Restaurants 2018: Marib

A Yemini restaurant in Springfield

Photo by Rey Lopez

Some restaurants serve the single diner well, those with dishes manageable for one mouth, and maybe a caring bartender for quick and attentive service. Some restaurants feed crowds. Come loaded with friends at Marib, a humble spot in a Springfield strip mall with both visually stunning dishes, like the springy, pale green shafout, a liquid salad sopped up with bread, and the hearty meaty dishes, like the fahsa and saltah with vegetables and shredded beef in a slightly spicy, warming tomato sauce. Breakfast is family-style too, with a scramble made with equal parts egg and tomatoes, onions, parsley, jalapenos and a creamy yogurt-y layer underneath. Plus, a heaping basket of oversized, hot-from-the-oven naan, is good anytime of the day.

Yemini | $$
6981 Hechinger Drive, Springfield

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