50 Best Restaurants 2018: 2941 is No. 8

A Modern American restaurant in Falls Church

Photo by Jonathan Timmes

The meal started humbly, a soup so appealing to the masses it’s a diner staple. But it’s also found on elevated menus, too, because it’s hard to deny the appeal of a beefy broth and softened, sweet onions and browned and bubbly cheese. There were no extravagant touches for 2941’s French onion soup, no truffle oil, no upsell. Just an opportunity to slurp. But the next course shifts, like  the class catapult between Johnny Castle and Baby. Cacio e pepe noodles, swirled around each other like a tornado, lie flat on the plate over tissue-thin slices of A5 Japanese wagyu. It’s a dish so rich that two bites feels like abusing eating privileges, but the fork keeps twirling because sometimes in life it’s OK to indulge.

Modern American | $$$$
2941 Fairview Park Drive, Falls Church

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