50 Best Restaurants 2018: Royal Nepal

A Nepalese and Indian restaurant in Alexandria

Royal Nepal
Photo by Rey Lopez

Northern Virginia doesn’t offer many opportunities to try yak—which turns out to be a real shame. After the server recommends the yak momo over the goat versions of the Nepalese dumplings, the pasta-like packets arrive filled with fragrant and heavily spiced meat. And they are delightful. Each meal starts with the friendly smiles of servers, place settings of pretty plates graced with red and blue patterned cloth napkins and a basket of sel roti, a ring-shaped, donut-like, semi-sweet rice bread served with spicy pickled radish. The cozy dining room has become well known for its lamb chops, and for good reason. They are marinated in housemade yogurt for six hours and grilled with eggplant, served atop a pink salt slab with mini eggplants, mint sauce, local garlic and saffron rice. It’s impossible to resist picking them up and gnawing every last bit of meat off the bone. Another must-order is the crispy local okra seasoned with cumin and coriander, a side dish that would make any okra-hater rethink their stance on the maligned vegetable.

Royal Nepal
Nepalese + Indian | $$
3807 Mt. Vernon Ave., Alexandria

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