50 Best Restaurants 2018: Rangoli

An Indian restaurant in Manassas

Photo by Rey Lopez

Once a popular destination in South Riding, the orange-hued dining room reincarnated in Manassas offers the same friendly service and perfectly spiced dishes that it was known for in its previous life. During lunch, there’s a hard sell for the tasty-looking buffet, which is great for first-timers, those in a rush and anyone on a budget: $11.99.  (A larger selection is offered weekends for $14.99.)

Definitely return to order the massive, papery masala dosa filled with spiced potatoes and onions, endearingly listed under the “small bites” section despite being as long as an arm. It’s made tableside on weekends, adding a touch of drama to the presentation. Also carb-tastic is the Bombay burger, which looks boring and bland with its tan potato patty sandwiched between a golden potato roll but is actually like an ultra-colorful Holi celebration for your mouth. Spice fiends should gravitate toward the chicken chettinad, a tongue-searing black pepper curry from southern India that doesn’t sacrifice flavor for heat. Somewhat tamer but still plenty flavorful is the pureed eggplant, perfect for swiping up with garlic naan.

Indian | $$
10223 Nokesville Road, Manassas

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