B Chord Brewing finally finds a home, by way of merging with Corcoran Brewing Company

B Chord’s owner Marty Dougherty bought a 64-acre lot for the forthcoming brewery in Round Hill.

B Chord Brewing Company
Photo courtesy of B Chord Brewing Company

Opening a new brewery is not an easy process, and Marty Dougherty of B Chord Brewing Company learned that lesson over the past couple of years.

Set to open by early September in Round Hill, B Chord’s troubles began nearly two years ago and 5 miles away at the originally proposed site in Bluemont.

B Chord’s would-be neighbors voiced opposition about the issues that could come with a farm brewery, citing potential noise pollution from increased traffic and outdoor concerts. Despite the Virginia Alcoholic Beverage Control Board recommending a license be granted in December 2015, the decision was reversed six months later following the appeal launched by the opposition group. Virginia ABC denied the license to B Chord, and Dougherty decided not to appeal.

B Chord's tasting room as of June 2017 / Photo Courtesy of B Chord Brewing Company
B Chord’s tasting room as of June 2017 / Photo Courtesy of B Chord Brewing Company

Fast forward to last fall. Dougherty bought a 64-acre lot in Round Hill. Construction on the barn brewery started in April. This time around Dougherty has a well-established partner: B Chord merged with Corcoran Brewing Company, acquiring its Purcellville brewery and head brewer, Kevin Bills. Corcoran owners Jim and Lori Corcoran, who also own Corcoran Vineyards and Cidery, will stay on as investors under the B Chord name.

“In the bluegrass music world, B chord is having a good day,” Dougherty says. “It means working hard, doing the best you can.” The name signals that live music will be a big part of the brewery—but without, says Dougherty, the “stadium lighting and concerts until 2 a.m.” that were feared by his potential neighbors in Bluemont. “I plan on living here with my four kids.”

*This post has been updated since it originally appeared in the June 2017 issue to reflect B Chord’s opening date.

 (June 2017)