Virginia Chutney

The Fruity Complement to snacking.

The Fruity Complement to snacking.

By Teronda Seymore

Photo Courtesy of the Virginia Chutney Co.

The Summer Fancy Food Show landed in Washington, D.C. this June and The Virginia Chutney Co. coincides with national trends.

Industry watchers noticed an uptick in fig usage and pointed to the Blue Ridge Mountain-based company’s Cranfiggy Chutney as a delicious example, combining the sweetness of figs with the tartness of cranberries.

We loved the Spicy Plum Chutney for its jammy quality and lingering heat. Oliver Turner, son of the company’s founder Clare Turner, suggests pairing the chutney with a “fancy brie or good local cheese.”
But we couldn’t stop tasting the Hot Peach Chutney, with its applesauce-like consistency, abundance of cider vinegar and upfront habenero fire.

The Virginia Chutney Co. offers nine flavors total, sold online and locally at Whole Foods Markets. Expect a spunky pepper jelly version this month.

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(September 2012)