2012 is Out. 2013 is In.

Here’s what you’ll be eating and drinking this year.

Here’s what you’ll be eating and drinking this year.

Ridiculous flavored vodka    >>    Old school rye
, gin
   cocktails and
   Duck, goat, kang-
   and greens

Mason jars
   Coupe glassware
Pork belly
Heirloom vegetables
   Designer oysters
Tex-Mex nachos
Complimentary bread
   $4 Bites
Monster IPAs
   Belgian-style dark,
   low hopped
Cocktails on tap
   Bottled cocktails
Chicken and waffles
   Fried chicken
   and doughnuts
Bourbon barrel-aged
Imperial stouts 
   >>    Saisons aged in oak
   barrels with
Sea urchin
Pork tenderloin
   Pork cheeks
Citra hops from the
Pacific Northwest 
   >>    Galaxy hops
   from Australia 
Salted caramel
Reston Town Center
   Mosaic District
Bahn mi
Hipster farmhouse    >>    Southern-ground,
   modern inter-
   pretations of
   regional cooking 
   >>    Muffins


Panel of Predictors: Will Artley of Pizzeria Orso, Rebecca Dudley of Market Table Bistro, Greg Engert of Neighborhood Restaurant Group, Marshall Fawley of Scofflaw’s Den, David Gaus of Bayou Bakery, Scot Harlan of Green Pig Bistro, Scott Harris of Catoctin Creek Distillery, Joey Hernandez of Maple Ave, Dusty Lockhart of ThreeLockharts Public Relations, Bill Madden of Mad Fox Brewing Company, Nycci Nellis of TheListAreYouOnIt.com, Amber Pfau of Pfau Communications, LLC, Don Rockwell of Donrockwell.com, Jeff Tunks of Fuego Cocina y Tequileria and the Northern Virginia Magazine Food Desk.


Photos: Stefanie Gans (Mason Jar);  Tsekhmister/shutterstock.com (Pig); Joe Belanger/shutterstock.com (Bacon); Lyutskevych Dar’ya/shutterstock.com (Bread); Nils Z/shutterstock.com (Caramel); Ruth Black/shutterstock.com (Cupcake); Steve Cukrov/shutterstock.com (whiskEy); Aksenova Natalya/shutterstock.com (duck); Alex Staroseltsev/shutterstock.com (lobster); jannoon028/shutterstock.com (chicken); Bryan Solomon/shutterstock.com (doughnut); bernashafo/shutterstock.com (muffin)


(January 2013)