Gastrological Signs

Despite the heavy criticisms by the more recognized Gastronomists, Gastrology is a legitimate source for weighing in on food options for any month of the year.

A Punching Aries
Aggressive Aries leads the flock.



Stubborn Taurus attempts shucking an oyster.


Mercurial Gemini embraces dual cravings.




Cancer Suicide
Cozy Cancer gets comfortable in a bowl of bisque
Lion's feast
Luxurious Leo Indulges in a kingly feast


Virgo Hen
Motherly Virgo tends to her chicks



Scales of Dessert
Balanced Libra works for a practical diet



Scorpions in Berets
Sexy Scorpio seduces his date


Half-Horse, Half-Hunter S. Thompson
Wandering Sagittarius pursues adventure


Goats will always win eating competitions
Competitive Capricorn strives to be top dog


The Farmer has a first name, its A-q-u-a-r-i-u-s, there is no second name
Socially conscious Aquarius seeks natural sustainability


If fish could think, Pisces would be the Rodan of fish
Pensive Pisces contemplates her course












-Illustrations by Eliana Reyes


(January 2014)