The Brunch Issue

Wake up. Get dressed. It’s time for brunch.

Could you fry an egg in your pajamas and head right back to bed to continue your Netflix marathon of ”Archer”? Of course. But then you’d miss the fun of restaurants in the daylight, when plates become Instagram fodder and ooze with yolky egg and syrup-dripping carbs. Brunch is the meal to book; it’s when, all too easily, Sunday morning mimosas turn into afternoon beers. Wake up. Get dressed. It’s time for brunch.

By Stefanie Gans With Carten Cordell, Lexa Lemieux, Whitney Pipkin, Tim Regan, Warren Rojas & Brendan Spiegel / Art by Mal Jones, Robert Merhaut, Mike Ramm, Aaron Spicer & Jonathan Timmes




When Brunch Became a Verb
Bloody Marys & Oysters
The New Brunch: Bloody Marys & Oysters
Spiked Cold-Pressed Juice
The New Brunch Cocktail: Spiked Cold-Pressed Juice
Locally Roasted Coffee in NoVA
Restaurants Elevate Brunch’s Favorite Beverage: Locally Roasted Coffee in NoVA
Baubles with Bite
Baubles with Bite
Fast Food Breakfast
What’s New in Fast Food Breakfast

The Ramen Burger
Sunday Funday
Sunday Funday



breakfast battles

We sent our writers into the ring to determine which of our favorite morning staples is the best brunch dish.


(May 2014)