Cravings: Cioccolata Fiorentina at Carluccio’s

An occasional series of our favorite dishes in NoVA.

Cioccolata Fiorentina at Caluccio's
Cioccolata Fiorentina at Caluccio’s / Photo by Eliza Berkon

Drink: Cioccolata Fiorentina, $2.50

Where: Carluccio’s, 100 King St., Alexandria

Taste: Imagine surgically removing the inner liquid from a molten lava cake and pouring it in your mouth, and you’ll have this drink, if it even qualifies as a beverage. (It magically transforms into a thick pudding once it reaches room temperature, so drink it while it’s hot or grab a spoon.) What I expected to be just a touch above Swiss Miss in that tiny paper cup proved to be so divine in both its silky texture and sweet-but-not-too-sweet taste that I had to pick up the phone and tell someone mid-drink. I may also have had to tear off the top of my cup so I could lick the dregs at the bottom. 

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