Sweet spots for the final days of summer

A roundup of new places for summer’s saving grace: ice cream.

La Moo Creamery
La Moo Creamery / Photo by Stefanie Gans

By Elissa Davis and Stefanie Gans

Here’s a roundup of new places for summer’s saving grace: ice cream.

Deli Italiano

When the Lansdowne Town Center shop expanded earlier this summer, it meant building room for ice cream and more seating alongside pizza and subs. Blue Bunny-brand flavors include the classics of chocolate, vanilla and strawberry as well as crowd-pleasers like peanut butter and caramel. // Leesburg

Dolce and Bean

Along Del Ray’s main drag, this sweets shop serves a variety of gelato flavors like hazelnut, pistachio and dulce de leche, as well as fruity sorbets. Macarons, crepes and gourmet fudge round out the options. // Del Ray

La Moo Creamery

Thai rolled ice cream moved across Asia and big cities in the U.S. for the past few years, and now Arlington has its own in La Moo. At order, an ice cream base—in flavors like Thai coffee, chocolate and green tea—is poured onto a subzero-degree surface to start the freezing process. Toppings like Oreos and strawberries are diced in, and then the ice cream is scraped and pushed into long rolls, like wrapping paper. The icy sheets, about 5 rolls in a 12-ounce container, come together in 45 seconds. // Arlington

Sugar Factory
Photo courtesy of Sugar Factory
Sugar Factory

With a tab on its website dedicated to showing off celebrities posing with lollipops, cakes and milkshakes, global chain Sugar Factory brings its candy-colored view of the world to Pentagon City. The outrageous 24-scoop, 13-topping behemoth that is the King Kong Sundae was ordered two dozen times within the shop’s first two weeks. // Pentagon City

Triple Craft

Replacing the higher-end Indigo Landing, Triple Craft is a burger joint specializing in decadent milkshakes that can also come spiked with rum, bourbon or Kahlua. Decorated with cake frosting, whipped cream, candies and cookies, these creations are more art project than dessert. // Alexandria

(August 2017)

Triple Craft
Triple Craft / Photo by Isabella Castro