Beer Garden 101: What’s on the menu

Get to know the beers and brats on beer garden menus.


Essential Beers

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Something Seasonal

Timo Winkel, a native of Hamburg, Germany, and owner of Doner Bistro, explains how to let the weather dictate the beer list:

A World of Wurst

Sharon Tyler Herbst and Ron Herbst break down the differences for us in The New Food Lover’s Companion.

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Bauerwurst: coarse in texture + smoked

Bockwurst: veal + parsley + chives

Bratwurst: pork + veal + ginger + nutmeg + coriander + caraway

Knockwurst: beef + pork + garlic

Weisswurst: veal + cream + eggs


Pretzel Pieces

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At Westover Beer Garden & HausServed in bun form with grainy mustard

At Courthaus Social: Imported Bavarian pretzel, with mustards and beer cheese, or as bites with honey mustard

At Tysons Biergarten: Jumbo-sized, with beer cheese and sweet mustard


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(August 2017)