Q&A: Villa Mozart’s Oscar Campos

From 50 Best Restaurants 2017: Interviews with the front of the house

Oscar Campos
Photo by Rey Lopez

Editor’s Note: Villa Mozart is now closed. 

Age: 62

Title: Server.
“I came to this country [from El Salvador] in the 1970s and day one worked in restaurants. I started from the bottom. I was cleaning dishes.” He’s been at Villa Mozart since its opening 10 years ago.

Favorite dish: Octopus and tuna tartare. “I’m a seafood guy.”

Industry for life
“I do have respect for most of my customers. I want to see them come back. Sometimes you don’t go there for the food alone; you go there for who is there and the way they treat you. That’s probably why after all these years I still enjoy interacting with all these people.”

Most outrageous customer request:
“They take home one bite. Nothing surprises me anymore.”

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