Starters: Silk Road in Falls Church

First impressions in NoVA dining: Uyghur food continues its spread across the region.

Photo by Stefanie Gans

There isn’t any parking, and that should have been the first clue.

Silk Road is not really a dine-in restaurant, just eight seats around two tables pushed together, plus three stools for eating over the window ledge. The tables are inches from the register, where a string of neighbors pick up carry-out from a menu of both recognizable Chinese items (mapo tofu is less searing heat, meatless, but still a saucy wonder) and plates of Uyghur cuisine, of which the DMV has seen a sudden uptick in restaurants carrying food from the border of China and Central Asia.

Housemade noodles are chewy and chopped to about 4 inches long, the same length of the red and green bell peppers tossed alongside the cubes of beef. Everything here is spicy, delightfully so, but also appropriate for a timid palate. The chili pepper chicken also mingles with peppers but is showered in sesame seeds, a bit fiery, roundly savory and just plain good eating, either for the couch or crammed into a speck of a dining room.


Silk Road
301 S. Washington St., Falls Church

(January 2018)