Edible Outtakes: Noteworthy bites, sips and sundry

This month try two standout dishes from Bawadi in Falls Church, a Cold Comfort tea, Nounos yogurt and an Asian spicy chili crisp.

Photo by Stefanie Gans

Go to Bawadi (Falls Church) for the generous starter platter, with standout baba ghanoush and labneh, and buy an extra bag of the housemade naan for leftovers.

Will drinking a tea blend called Cold Comfort, from Broad Run’s Sharkawi Farm, actually prevent me from getting sick this season? I’m willing to try.

Photo by Stefanie Gans

In the battle between adorably packaged single-serve yogurts in glass jars, Nounos beats Oui and Traders Point Creamery, so far. (Plus, Nounos’ label peels off much easier because reusing these glasses is half the point of buying them.)

Just a little pampering: Trummer’s on Main offers a housemade salt scrub, along with the usual soap, in its bathrooms.

Growing up on Aunt Jemima, I came late to the real deal from trees. In my short time appreciating maple syrup, Sugar Bob’s Finest Kind from Vermont is the leading favorite.

Photo by Mike Ramm

I first learned of Laoganma Spicy Chili Crisp from the Asian food obsessives at the now-defunct Lucky Peach, and it quickly became the No. 1 condiment—maybe over mustard—that needs to be in my kitchen. It’s spicy and savory with little crispy bits suspended in oil and it is perfect over eggs, grains, vegetables, yogurt, everything.

This could already be obvious, but is Biscoff Cookie Butter the new Nutella?

(February 2018)