2019 Gift Guide: 6 must-buy items for your foodie friends

Whether an aspiring gourmand or an experienced chef, these cuisine-inspired gifts are sure to please. Plus, a look at what the general manager of Sense of Thai St. is looking forward to this holiday season.

manager of sense of thai in apron
Jeremy Ross, General Manager, Sense of Thai St. in Ashburn (Photo courtesy of Sense of Thai St.)

What’s on your wish list this year?
“The top gift that I’ve shared with so many friends over the  years is the book The Flavor Bible by Andrew Dornenburg and Karen Page. Last year I added a chef’s knife from Misen to the mix and told my friends, ‘There’s no excuse not to be able to properly execute the dishes the book will help inspire.’”

What’s your favorite NoVA holiday tradition?
“The Middleburg Christmas Parade won me over the first year I moved to Loudoun  County. What I thought would be a small-town parade really showed me the incredible strength of a community with such a  rich heritage and now I look forward to the first Saturday of December every year.”

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Gift Guide

cast iron pot
(Photo courtesy of vendor)

Sarpaneva Cast Iron Pot: Equally as beautiful on the stove or on the shelf, it’s a piece that will last generations. ($300)

cook book and knife
(Photo courtesy of vendors)

The Flavor Bible: Aspiring and accomplished cooks will both benefit from this book ($25); Misen Chef’s Knife: Pair the cookbook with a chef-recommended knife ($65).

black chai bowl
(Photo courtesy of vendor)

Original Black Chai: Hand-blended with just a slight pinch of spice, add honey and cream for a luxe cup. ($3)

speckled black bowl
(Photo courtesy of vendor)

Sprinkle Black Enamel Bowl: Seen in all the cool-kid restaurants, the speckled enamel look is far from over. ($25)

fermentation maker
(Photo courtesy of vendor)

Locavore Fermentation Crock: Are you even a foodie if you don’t make your own kimchi? Plus, it doubles as decor. ($160)

rice cooker
(Photo courtesy of vendor)

JIA Steamer Set-Rice Cooker: Perfect rice is nice, but did you know steaming is the new roasting? ($169)

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