(Blind Item) Dessert Raviolis: Let’s Stop This Before It’s a Trend

NoVA Mag: Stopping trends before they become a thing.

Photos by Stefanie Gans

Now maybe this isn’t fair. Maybe I’m jumping to conclusions. But I’m just gonna say it anyway. We must put a stop to dessert raviolis. I’ve eaten two sweet ravs so far. And well, they both were pretty terrible. 

The top photo shows ravs, stuffed with pumpkin, and fried, served with a watery vanilla sauce, a whipped-like cream and garnished with a cinnamon stick, left whole. They were dry and tasteless. These needed a serious dipping sauce. Probably hot fudge. A bit of salt adhered to the crust. Or really, not to exist.

The bottom photo features raviolis filled with under-cooked apples surrounded by a caramel sauce and a dollop of vanilla ice cream. Besides the uncomfortable apple texture—not snappy, not soft—a thick layer of powdered cinnamon covered the entire surface. It was like touching an ice cream sandwich covered with sand. (Jersey Shore reference, anyone? Real Jersey Shore, not TV shore, anyway…)

So maybe there are some miraculous versions of dessert raviolis out there, but I haven’t yet been privy to those treats. And because two is a coincidence and not a trend, says trend catalogers,  I want to stop it before this becomes a thing. 

Ravioli, this is a warning. Please refuse your attendance at the dessert table. Only allow butternut squash, pork belly, and of course, any cheese, within your center.  We don’t want you ended up as overextended as bacon.