What the Meat Lovers’ Guide is Not: Considering July’s Meaty Issue

Notes from the dining editor on the July issue.

July’s Meat Lovers’ Guide will be taken off newsstands this Thursday. But before it leaves the shelves, I wanted to frame the issue.

When we decided to dedicate the cover story to the topic of animal eating, I wanted to highlight mature meat consumption, and not advocate for the extreme dude food of throwing a burger and bacon in between a doughnut. I called the feature: How to be a Modern Meat Eater, and sought out stories, and storytellers, piecing together the current state of carnivorism. We talked to farmers, chefs, butchers and hunters. We called food writers and restaurant critics from around the country (some of whom—Katherine Shilcutt and Bethany Jean Clement—wrote about their interview with us) about what meat-eating means in their part of the world. 

As we learn more about where our food comes from and how to be informed consumers, I hope you will think about how that rosy, juicy burger landed on your plate. And for August, after feeling full from the farm, enjoy the August issue’s food section: an unofficial ode to the garden. 

And, a few thanks:

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